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Why Choose Xtreme Carpet Cleaning?


At Xtreme Carpet Cleaning you can rest assured that all of our technicians are highly trained by the owner himself in order to insure that each technician has the experience and knowledge to get the best carpet cleaning possible. With our trustworthy technicians who are highly trained, we can better clean the carpets and give you the peace of mind you deserve.

Better Equipment

With our Truck Mount Steam Cleaning Process we can better clean your carpets and get a true deep clean. This process will in turn get you a true deep clean using our high heat, pressure, and vacuum system to rinse your carpets and give them the best clean in all of the Flathead Valley.

Better Solutions

Xtreme Carpet Cleaning only uses the best hypoallergenic cleaning solutions available on the market today. Though many carpet cleaners use strong, harmful, and caustic chemicals, you can rest assured that Xtreme Carpet Cleaning does not use these. With our solution you can leave your home smelling clean not caustic.

Have you ever cleaned the carpet and had spots come back 2 weeks to 1 month later? With Xtreme Carpet Cleaning’s premium solution we can inhibit this from happening. Once your carpets are cleaned, they are really truly clean and these spots will not come back!

Convenient Pricing Packages

Xtreme Carpet Cleaning offers 3 different affordable packages. Each of these includes pre-spray for any high traffic areas and also spot remover. We also offer Scotch Guard/Carpet Protector for an additional $0.15/sq. ft. (406) 471-1143

Water Damage Restoration Services

You count on us to keep your Carpets and Tile clean. Did you know we also offer Water Damage Restoration Services? If your home has suffered from flood damage, call Xtreme Carpet Cleaning & Restoration.

Why Choose Xtreme?

Water Extraction and Mold Remediation Gear