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Water Damage Restoration Faqs

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Water damage is a serious issue. The professional team at Xtreme Carpet Cleaning & Restoration specializes in water damage restorations services.

Here are a few of our commonly asked questions:

1. Are you covered by insurance?

This is a tricky question as it depends on what insurance policy you have. Most insurance companies will cover the repairs if the water damage began inside of your house, like a burst pipe.

Coverage varies widely if the damage was caused by external factors, such as a flood.

To know for sure if your insurance will pay for water damage restoration, contact your insurance provider.

2. Can you complete the water damage restoration job yourself?

The first 24 hours are crucial in order to reduce the effects of water damage. We always recommend calling the professionals to handle the cleanup. Our knowledgeable crew is trained in the best techniques to dry out the space quickly and to prevent mold growth.

3. How long does it take to dry?

Typically, it takes three to five days to completely dry the space. We can give you a more specific estimate after we evaluate your situation.

4. How quickly can you get water damage restoration services?

Xtreme Carpet Cleaning & Restoration is available for emergencies 24 hours a day, seven days a week. As soon as you notice any water damage, call us at 406-471-1143.

5. Why should you take care of water damage immediately?

Mold starts to grow soon after water floods your home. You may not notice it at first—mold takes 20 days or more to be visible to the naked eye.

Besides leading to potential health issues, mold is a serious problem. Insurance companies will not cover mold remediation services, so you will have to pay out of pocket.

6. What are the types of water breaks?

There are three types of water breaks:

1. A clean water break is caused by a broken incoming water source, like the pipe that leads to your sink.
2. A gray water break is caused by a burst shower drain that spills soap and hair into your home.
3. A black water break is caused by a broken sewage pipe. Mold will grow right away, posing a health risk to your family.

7. Your insurance says you have to choose a water damage restoration company from a list of specific vendors.

You don’t have to pick a company from the list. There are laws in place so homeowners can choose whichever company they want.

The team at Xtreme Carpet Cleaning & Restoration is certified and trained to perform water damage restorations services in the Kalispell, MT area and beyond.

If you have other questions, call us right now.

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