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Tile and Grout Cleaning

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Tile and Grout Cleaning

As grout lines get walked on and “cleaned” by mops and other wet products, dirt and grime get pushed into the porous grout lines. Over time, this will turn the grout darker and darker. With Xtreme Carpet Cleaning you can clean deep into these grout lines and make them look fresh and white again.

How it Works
Xtreme Carpet Cleaning uses a machine that acts as a self-contained heated pressure washer that can spray pressurized water into the porous grout to clean out grease and dirt build up. Once the dirt and grease have been extracted from the grout and tile, it is then vacuumed up into the wastetank in the van. You will be left with clean tile and grout lines and no mess to clean up.

How to know if your grout needs cleaning
Take a look behind the door, against the wall, or somewhere that doesn’t get walked on. Is this grout a different color? This is the product of dirt getting pushed into your grout lines over time. Let Xtreme Carpet Cleaning extract this dirt for you.

What can we clean?
We can clean all grout and tile. Though we do clean all tile and grout, we do have slightly different methods for any natural stone tile.


Why Choose Xtreme?

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