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Methods of Carpet Cleaning

There are many different methods of carpet cleaning. We use the Truck Mount Steam Cleaning process also known as Hot Water Extraction. This is the healthiest and best method available today. However below is an outline of the other methods followed by the Truck Mount Steam Cleaning Method.

Dry Methods

There are three different “dry” methods of carpet cleaning. Not all of the dry methods are truly “dry” but they often harness a solution that is spread across the carpet as a Very Low Moisture (VLM) method. Below is a list of the three “dry” methods:
1)Bonnet Cleaning
2)Absorbant Compound Cleaning

The three dry methods either include a polymer type powder or solution that can be sprayed or spread on to the carpet. Once it is spread it is either vacuumed out or rubbed in heavily with a rotary machine and then vacuumed out.

Pros: Dries quickly and relatively inexpensive
Cons: Limited Cleaning Ability, Hard on Carpets, Not recommended for residential plush carpet, Can leave more residue and powder on carpet

Hot Water Extraction/Steam Cleaning

This method is by far the best most effective way of carpet cleaning. From our machine in our van, the solution is premixed and heated to 216 degrees before being pressurized. This pressurized solution is then sprayed into the carpet using our special carpet wand (as shown in the image). This wand is equipped with pressure jets as well as a vacuum. The pressure jets spray our high temperature chemical rinse into the carpet while the vacuum extracts it. This is why it is called the Hot Water Extraction Method.

Unlike the “dry” methods that are our there, the hot water extraction method gets deep down into the roots of your carpet to target dust and allergens that may be in the roots whereas the dry method only cleans the top of your carpet and often times smears the dirt around more than it extracts it. In essence it’s the difference between giving your carpet a sponge bath on the top vs truly giving it a shower.

Not only does the Truck Mount method remove more dirt, bacteria, and allergens down in your carpet but it also does so in a more gentle way to keep your carpet fibers from prematurely wearing or “matting” together. The Hot Water Extraction method is recommended by almost all carpet manufacturers. While many of the dry methods can void carpet warranties, the Hot Water Extraction Method will not. With its true deep clean and gentle process it ensures the carpeting in your home will not only be cleaner, but will also last longer. Xtreme Carpet Cleaning utilizes the Hot Water Extraction method with its state of the art green chemical to help better clean the carpet and leave your house free of allergens and dirt.

Cons: Requires more costly equipment than the other methods, Can take 4-6 hours to dry

Our Chemical

Don’t want your carpets to smell like caustic chemicals after we finish? Don’t worry! Xtreme Carpet Cleaning only uses the highest quality green chemical to keep your home smelling healthy and fresh. Though green, Xtreme Carpet Cleaning uses only the highest quality chemical to insure that you do not give up any of the quality of your carpet cleaning. With higher quality cleaning agents you not only get a more mild smell but also a better clean than what the other guys can do.

Our People

Our highly trained and certified team of professional technicians can better help to remove spots from your carpet. With our immense amount of training, we can treat individual spots in the best and most effective way to insure that they are removed while not causing any damage to your carpet.

Our Secret Formula

Throughout our existence we have developed a formula to better keep those pesky spots away. If you’ve ever had spots come back after around 2 weeks to a month after the carpets were cleaned look no further, with us this won’t happen! Xtreme Carpet Cleaning not only cleans your pesky spots but even once we are gone, your spots are truly gone too!

Why Should I Clean My Carpet and How Often?

Xtreme Carpet Cleaning always recommends a carpet cleaning once a year and here is why. Your carpets act as a filtration system for the air in your home. They trap dust, dirt, and many airborne allergens over time. The dirt and allergens eventually fill up the carpet to its capacity in which it should be cleaned. In order to get a true deep clean to target these allergens, Xtreme Carpet Cleaning employs its Hot Water Extraction Method in order to remove these allergens from the carpet.

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