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Water Damage Restoration For Wood Floors

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water damage restoration kalispellWater Damaged wood floors can be a daunting problem, but with proper understanding and action, they can be restored to their original beauty. Wood floors add elegance and value to your Kalispell home but are also susceptible to damage from water sources such as leaks, broken appliances, or floods. 

Water Damage Restoration Kalispell

Here is what you need to know about water damage restoration for the wood floors in your home.

Stopping the source of the water is critical, as the longer the water is left unattended, the greater the damage will be. Removing and drying the water is essential to prevent further harm to your wood floors. Failure to address water damage restoration in a timely manner can lead to several adverse effects, including cupping, warping, bowing, and color fading.

Cupping occurs when moisture penetrates the unfinished underside of the wood, causing the bottom of the board to expand more than the top. The result is a wavy appearance along the seams. Warping happens when one part of the wood board absorbs more water than another, leading to shrinkage and deformation. Bowing occurs when water seeps under the edges of the board, causing them to lift up from the middle, leading to a deviation from flatness. Lastly, color fading may occur, which can cause the stain to wash out of the wood, and the water itself can change the color of the wood.

You can minimize the damaging effects of water on wood by drying the moisture as quickly as possible. This can help the wood flatten out over time and make restoration more successful. To ensure adequate drying, it is essential to use commercial-grade equipment, including air movers, dehumidifiers, and moisture monitoring equipment, managed by trained and experienced water damage restoration technicians. 

After drying the moisture, the final step in water damage restoration for wood floors is replacing and refinishing the damaged boards. Wood floorboards that are beyond repair can be removed and replaced while sanding can repair some wood floorboards with faded colors or stains. Patching and refinishing can get your wood floors back to their pre-loss condition.

Understanding that water damage is a significant threat to wood floors is the first step in getting adequate water damage restoration. Prompt action and professional help can minimize damage and restore your wood floors to their original beauty, but only when handled by trained and experienced water damage restoration companies. Trusting water damage restoration for your wood floors to professionals ensures that the necessary repairs, replacements, and refinishing are done to give your floors the best care and outcome. If your wood floors, or anywhere else in your Kalispell home, have suffered from water damage and need water damage restoration, be sure to call us at Xtreme Carpet Cleaning and Restoration. Don’t let our name fool you; we specialize in water damage restoration for carpets and are the lead providers for water damage restoration of wood floors and any other surface or material in your home. Don’t trust your valued wood floors to anyone else when you need water damage restoration.

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